J Mays, Chief Creative Officer of Ford and VP of the design studios two of our bloggers work for ( and the other two *have* worked for ) sits down with Jalopnik scribe Jason Torchinsky to chat about car design for nearly a half hour video. In stark contrast to typical press interviews of design VPs, this is a fairly relaxed discussion but one which offers many insights into perhaps one of the most well-known design VPs currently working. J doesn’t really sketch, but its definitely worth a watch. [..]

INSPIRATION  |  2012 Hamtramck Hustle

Somewhere between a rockabilly barbecue and Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome lies the Hamtramck Hustle: An annual car show held at Veteran’s Park. This year’s crop included motorcycles, several custom pick-up trucks, and a Frankenstein creation that you must  see to believe!  Have a look at our gallery after the jump. [..]

REARVIEW | The Other Coke Bottle Shape

Image credit: istenbizony.hu

When car designers refer to a “coke bottle” shape, most of us think of the Studebaker Avanti – or perhaps the C3 Corvette.  But another notable coke bottle design is often overlooked:  The BRM P153 F1 car, designed by England’s Tony Southgate. [..]

ON THE STREET | Ford Galaxie

Driving into work the other day, I saw a cool 60s Galaxie 500 parked in our lot. I of course checked my watch and said “Hell, I have a few minutes to shoot some pix.” [..]

TECHNIQUE | The Art of Canson

Over the past few months, I have been amassing a collection of Canson artwork on Pinterest. Click here to see many examples of this medium, both past and present.

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