, a popular blog for Audi enthusiasts, was recently given an inside look into where Audi design is headed by the man in charge, Wolfgang Egger. [..]

DESIGN ICON | Helmet of a Future Past

When it comes to iconic helmet designs, Bell usually takes home the hardware with its classic Bell Star (which has since been reintroduced with modern safety features). Another icon – not nearly as famous – was created by Porsche Design in the ’70s. [..]

For the car designer who likes to unwind with online sim racing, there are many choices. iRacing, Simraceway and the rFactor series, just to name a few.  But a new program is set to debut next year:  Project C.A.R.S. (or Community Assisted Racing Simulator).  As the preview above shows, the realism ante has clearly been upped!

So… Is Teutonic Car Design Obsolete?

Maybe.  Thanks to an over-saturated marketplace where brands have to scream and holler to get their voices heard. Dieter Rams and Dieter from Sprockets might recoil in horror, but that’s the cold reality we’re faced with. Flame surfacing and bedazzled headlamps sell cars.  So, what is a minimalist-minded designer to do? [..]

Classic footage of ’67 formula cars lapping the Nürburgring — complete with an accompanying map. A high-speed, wooded rollercoaster with hedges for barriers!

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