Shortly after relocating to Cologne Germany I started taking short weekend trips to see the best of what Europe has to offer. While preparing a bucket list of places to visit during my time here, I thought it might be fun to do a separate list of cars I hope to see in the wild. Sure we can all see our dream cars at auto shows or classic car meets, however there is something magical about seeing them on the street.




PERSPECTIVE | Racing on Belle Isle

After a three year absence, the sweet sound of racing cars has returned to Belle Isle in Detroit.   For the local car designers and CCS students,  this is a weekend of fun and inspiration.  For Detroit area businesses, it’s a weekend to make money.  And for the IndyCar Series, it’s round six in a season that has seen some dramatic changes — then again, maybe not dramatic enough… [..]

ON THE STREET | Alliterative Tires Edition


Look at all that trim.

This one was parked here this morning, but I didn’t have time to stop, and it was crowded in with Boxsters and Explorers and other stupid cars. Thankfully, it was still there as the sun was headed down.

What I first just wanted to see because it’s an oddball, unloved-year Mustang turned out to be more.


REARVIEW  |  Mopar Family Photos

Thanks to Instagram, people are reconnecting with the candid, heartwarming quality that old analog photos can offer (and if there’s a classic car in the photo, well, that’s even better).  The Chrysler Literature page on Facebook features a great collection of family photos with Mopar products.  Check out our favorites after the jump. [..]

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