PERSPECTIVE | Detroit Autorama 2012 and why hot rods are important to car design

Its been a while since my last post, but I’ve been thinking about this alot. On the eve of the Geneva auto show, I felt compelled to write regarding another show which just concluded a week prior here in “the D”. Less prestigious in international circles, certainly, but no less relevant, perhaps even more so, to the purity of our profession.

Yes I’m talking about Autorama. [..]

Beni Bischof, an artist based in Switzerland, created the series Handicapped Cars in 2008/9. I’d seen a couple of the images on various sites over the years, but always without attribution or background.


Two types of racing that couldn’t be more different, two different photographers with very different styles, and one author who can’t get enough of either.


TIME CAPSULE  |  Cars of the Green Line

Image credits: Bo de Visser,

And now for something completely different.  What happens when two groups of people are fighting on an island and the UN puts a buffer zone between them?  In some parts of this zone, time stops.  Houses, restaurants, shops and plazas are abandoned.  Even brand new cars with 37 miles on them are left behind. [..]

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