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I purchased the domain way back in 1997 and think I finally have a good use for it. While there are many blogs that focus on cars, and many that focus on design, there aren’t any that focus on autodesign/car design/transportation design. Whatever you call it, three other colleauges and I will post and chat about it, what inspires us to do it, and and how we do it. Don’t expect critiques of new reveals or revealing news, but rather insights we see into our profession. We’ll chat with other designers ( that means you ) and they will be invited to post as well. We’ll see where this goes, hopefully you will enjoy it and come back on a regular basis.

Very few car enthusiasts are aware that De Tomaso produced a Formula One car.  I like to believe that in an alternate quantum reality, this car overcame its initial problems and found its footing — giving birth to a new and exciting marque in Grand Prix racing.  Sadly, our reality took a different turn, leaving us to wonder what might have been…



Under the right circumstances, an ordinary can of spray paint can be a surprisingly effective rendering tool.



Unless you’re down at COBO for Press Days, you’ve probably been scanning the web for news of debuts and press conferences, whether it be work you’ve been toiling away at secretly for the past 24-36 months or that of your competitors.

While the many new design themes and trends can be debated, one common thread unites most all ( if not all ) the significant debuts are all sporting the same color- Red.

Whether its the new Cadillac ATS, Ford Fusion, Dodge Dart, Lexus LF-LC, Chevrolet i30, Bentley Continental, or Hyundai Genesis coupe, PPG seems to have an overstock on red hues left over from the holiday season.

NEWS | Adrian van Hooydonk talks BMW design at NAIAS 2012

Photo credit: BMW Blog

Our friends at BMW BLOG captured Adrian van Hooydonk in Detroit, for a 22 minute long video discussing BMW design philosophy. Very good interview. Make sure to head over to BMW BLOG for a great site discussing all things regarding Bayerische Motoren Werke. [..]

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