INSIDER | Video: Alonso and Massa drive F12, shows more of interior design

A few more glimpses of the Ferrari F12 interior design can be seen in the You Tube vid of Scuderia Ferrari’s Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso driving the F12 around Fiorano. Check it out and pretend you get to drive pre-production secret Ferraris

PREVIEW  |  2012 CCS Degree Show

Once again, it is time for the CCS Degree Show.  Walking through the Senior Trans Design class is always an emphatic experience for me.  Having been through this process myself, I can sense the hard work, the late nights, the frustration and the excitement that lead up to this point.  Even though the room is spotless, it all still hangs in the air.  As far as senior classes go, this one is quite good.  Not only are there a wide variety of styles and ideas, but the final models are of a very high quality.  Check out some of our favorites after the jump. [..]


Cross pollination of design disciplines can often produce creative ideas. While the 021C never made a huge splash on the show circuit, it may have had a significant effect on Ford’s design direction — especially with regard to concept cars. [..]

Citroën shows how a shooting brake can be modern, luxurious and sexy all at once.

PERSPECTIVE | Viscom Skills (Part I / II)

Today, the Internet provides car design students with an endless well of inspiration to draw from.  However, the vast expanse of the web is not always conducive to the preservation of “lesser-known” Viscom techniques.  My personal theory is that most students draw their Viscom inspiration from the most popular works – those that get the most Google hits, for example. Naturally, this can have a homogenizing effect on drawing styles at the student level and contribute to the narrowing of those styles.  With this theory in mind, let’s consider some of the more traditional ways in which techniques are developed, modified and preserved for future designers. [..]

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