Unless you’re down at COBO for Press Days, you’ve probably been scanning the web for news of debuts and press conferences, whether it be work you’ve been toiling away at secretly for the past 24-36 months or that of your competitors.

While the many new design themes and trends can be debated, one common thread unites most all ( if not all ) the significant debuts are all sporting the same color- Red.

Whether its the new Cadillac ATS, Ford Fusion, Dodge Dart, Lexus LF-LC, Chevrolet i30, Bentley Continental, or Hyundai Genesis coupe, PPG seems to have an overstock on red hues left over from the holiday season.

ACCOUTRAMA | Autodromo Watches

Car designers are famous for their chunky, overbuilt watches.  I tend to shy away from accessories of this kind because, for me, they tend to scream, “Look at how clever I am! I am a designer! I am a baron of good taste!”  But in this case, I am tempted to make an exception.  Autodromo launched their racing-inspired line of watches late last year.  Understated and classic in design, they are a quiet counterpoint to the likes of Bell and Ross. [..]

DESIGN STRATEGY |  Audi’s design future

Stefan Sielaff, Audi’s head of design, talks about Audi’s design future, electric vehicles, architecture, and the impact of urbanism on automotive design. Audi’s ongoing exploration of electric cars led to the Urban Concept, which was one of my favorites from last year’s Frankfurt Auto Show (probably because I have a thing for open-wheeled cars…). Certainly more exciting than Gordon Murray’s T25, though probably a lot less revolutionary in its production processes.

The relationship between urban planning and infrastructure and car design has always been fascinating to me. With the world’s populations shifting ever more urban, the ways that we interact with our cars and the ways our cars interact with the world around them have changed a little, but they’ll have to change a lot. And the sooner, the better.



ACCOUTRAMA | Vintage Racing Jackets

The Gulf racing jacket from the film Le Mans is a favorite among car aficionados — so much so that it has become a cliche  (and an expensive one at that).  But a quick look at sites like eBay and Etsy will reveal some surprisingly unique alternatives — alternatives that will give you the look you want without breaking the bank. [..]

This is gonna start off all esoterically autobiographical, here, so bear with me.

In May 1998, in a bookstore in Maryland, the day before a 128-mile bike ride, I started reading David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest.  Which was, as it turned out, a pretty big deal for me.

What does this have to do with car design?

Well, this.


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