TUTORIAL | McLaren M16C – Offenhauser on Spliced Canson

Qualifying continues today for the 2012 Indy 500. Watching the new cars with their bright colors reminded me of this OSV tutorial – a classic spliced Canson workflow.

DESIGN ICON | Lamborghini Countach

Photo credit: Stahlkocher

When I was in grade school, I had a Trapper Keeper with a Countach on the cover.  So did a lot of other kids.  For us, it was the quintessential exotic car.   We didn’t care if it had been slathered with wings, scoops and other appendages.  Of course now, with the benefit of a BFA in Transportation Design, my tastes are slightly different… [..]

REARVIEW | 1957 Ford “Styling” promotional brochure

I peruse the Jalopy Journal almost everyday, rabidly searching the H.A.M.B classifieds for the next hot rod I probably won’t buy ( or will I? ) Nevertheless, I came across a very cool article just posted about a promotional brochure for Ford’s Styling Department in 1957 [..]

REARVIEW | Setting the Scene

Over the years, car brochures have tended to feature their products in idealized settings;  the kind that set the tone for the vehicle and the aspirations of the owner. The following plates from a ’59 Imperial brochure present several inviting scenarios. The car takes center stage, while the lush backgrounds lend a soft, almost dream-like feel.  See close ups of this long-antiquated technique after the jump. [..]


It’s a beautiful Saturday afternoon in Midtown Detroit.  The patio doors are open at the Bronx Bar, allowing the fresh air and sunshine in.  My Blackout Burger with onion rings has just arrived — with a side of dill salad dressing.  “Curious,” I think.  Taking the first bite, I savor the familiar, restorative taste.  Then, out of nowhere, a Bradley GT pulls into the parking lot across the street!  It suddenly feels like I’m in a scene from a shattered-earth science fiction film.  While enjoying a hamburger. [..]

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