Top Gear did a fitting tribute to Saab’s demise, complete with VHS footage, Clarkson’s huge hair, and music they apologized for.


WHAT MIGHT HAVE BEEN  |  1954 Fendt Kleinwagen

Image credits: Gwafton

You’ve heard of the People’s Car; this is the Small Car (or Kleinwagen in German).  In another quantum reality, this concept may have given the VW a run for its money. [..]


HUMOR  |  Car Brochure or Psychological Horror Film?  You be the judge…

One wonders what the Chrysler marketing department was trying to say with this slightly creepy Imperial brochure.  Well, apart from “buy an Imperial.” [..]

REARVIEW  |  The Lost Art of Abstraction

Turns out not all Chrysler Imperial brochures are creepy.  Some are calming;  even soothing.  The illustration techniques shown here have long since vanished from showrooms, but they do offer a unique look and feel that full realism may not. [..]

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