TRENDS | Ford’s Robert Gelardi talks Infotainment and Interior Design at 2012 Ward’s Auto Conference

At the 2012 Ward’s Auto Interior Conference on May 17, Ford Design Manager ( and contributor ) Robert Gelardi spoke about how in-car technology derived from infotainment features will help re-shape interior design architecture. Gelardi noted how today’s millenial consumer base is proving to be apathetic towards cars in stark contrast with older generations. The combination of social networking, a fast-turnaround consumer electronic product cycle, and environmental, traffic, and economical/energy factors in today’s culture have all but erased the emotional attachment and attraction to the freedom and independence the automobile once stood for. [..]

INSIDER | Video: Alonso and Massa drive F12, shows more of interior design

A few more glimpses of the Ferrari F12 interior design can be seen in the You Tube vid of Scuderia Ferrari’s Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso driving the F12 around Fiorano. Check it out and pretend you get to drive pre-production secret Ferraris

RETRO HUMOR | 1956 Chrysler Dart concept and panty trophies

With Chrysler returning the Dart name to production on the Alfa-based 2013 Dodge compact sedan, I started to wonder where the Dart name originated. What I found is nothing short of a rare peek into interesting local, retro designer folklore. [..]

NEWS | Kia Track’ster design process documented by Motor Trend ( TM )

Motor Trend (TM) Magazine got an exclusive behind the scenes look at the way we work by documenting the design process of the recently unveiled Kia Track’ster.

Featured are designers Ray Ng and Matt Zoller along with with Ford design alum exterior manager Erik Klimish and interior manager Enrique Giner. Chief Designer Tom Kearns is also featured. The process began in June 2011 with concept car submissions, Ng and Zoller’s poster-style storyboard was selected for further development. [..]

NEWS | car body design interviews Dillon Blanski, exterior designer on 2013 Ford Fusion

car body design has conducted an exclusive interview with one of my colleagues, Dillon Blanksi, regarding his role on the 2013 Fusion exterior. [..]

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