Image credit: Kobac

As a designer, I take great pleasure in holding up quirky, unusual cars as something to be cherished — mainly because it makes my cohorts cringe in disgust.  But let’s face it.  How many truly unusual cars are being built today?   Could you even mass produce an unusual car today?   What an irony that a car intended to represent the future of auto design is now more indicative of what we *cannot* do as designers. [..]

Video credit: KLD Concept

HUMOR  |  Car Brochure or Psychological Horror Film?  You be the judge…

One wonders what the Chrysler marketing department was trying to say with this slightly creepy Imperial brochure.  Well, apart from “buy an Imperial.” [..]

In an age when racing cars are overloaded with regulations and stifling corporate politics, this classic clip from The Racing Scene offers a raw, unruly counterpoint.

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