WHAT MIGHT HAVE BEEN  |  1954 Fendt Kleinwagen

Image credits: Gwafton

You’ve heard of the People’s Car; this is the Small Car (or Kleinwagen in German).  In another quantum reality, this concept may have given the VW a run for its money. [..]

Art for art’s sake. If you appreciate race cars of the 60s and 70s and really nice paintings, you should check out SpeedStar Gallery.


Beni Bischof, an artist based in Switzerland, created the series Handicapped Cars in 2008/9. I’d seen a couple of the images on various sites over the years, but always without attribution or background.



TIME CAPSULE  |  Cars of the Green Line

Image credits: Bo de Visser, urban-travel.org

And now for something completely different.  What happens when two groups of people are fighting on an island and the UN puts a buffer zone between them?  In some parts of this zone, time stops.  Houses, restaurants, shops and plazas are abandoned.  Even brand new cars with 37 miles on them are left behind. [..]

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