ACCOUTRAMA | Jacky Ickx Easy-Rider

It’s not uncommon to see racing drivers promoting time pieces.  It’s far less common to find a racing-themed watch that exercises a modicum of restraint.  This “bullhead” watch, known as the Easy-Rider, was named after Jacky Ickx in the 70s.  It combines minimalist style with bold graphics and exquisite details. [..]

VIDEO LIBRARY | “The Racing Scene”

Paul Newman and Steve McQueen are the first names that come to mind when we think of actors who raced cars — and Newman was the only one to have success in the form of a championship.  While James Garner did a lot of his own driving in Grand Prix, he was careful not to underestimate the challenge of driving a race car.  Perhaps that’s what makes his 1970 documentary, The Racing Scene, so appealing.  He’s just as intimidated as we would be, and as a result, we live vicariously through him. [..]

PERSPECTIVES | We built a design culture.

Yeah, him.  Chris Bangle.

Vilified, and…. well, pretty much vilified.

But mostly when you read the comments in forums. I’m sure BMW’s board of directors thinks much differently.

For me, his work was a driving, defining sense of hope.


Watch this.

RETRO HUMOR | 1956 Chrysler Dart concept and panty trophies

With Chrysler returning the Dart name to production on the Alfa-based 2013 Dodge compact sedan, I started to wonder where the Dart name originated. What I found is nothing short of a rare peek into interesting local, retro designer folklore. [..]

REARVIEW | Media and Messengers

“I wanted to get below the surface and demythologize the process.”

-Bill Porter, on the touring show he helped curate and oraganize, called Designing an Icon, Creativity and the American Automobile.

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