CAR CULTURE |  Concours Québécois!

On a recent trip to the Mont-Tremblant Circuit in Québéc, I came across a small car show held in the mountain village of Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts.  Among the more interesting entries were an army Jeep, a blue and silver ’75 Dodge Charger and a couple of fastback Mustangs.  Most of these cars sported vintage Québéc license plates — not to mention personal touches that said a lot about the owners…


CAR CULTURE | Legends of Motorsports

Bobby Rahal sure knows how to put on a vintage race meet.  Last year’s Legends of Motorsports event at Mont-Tremblant, QC attracted an amazing variety of entries.  Formula One, Formula 5000, Can Am and Trans Am cars were among those present.  For a designer, this is a great opportunity to study one-of-a-kind details — thanks to the surprisingly open nature of the paddock. [..]

REARVIEW | Car Design History by the People Who Wrote It


While digging up some history for an upcoming post, I came across this amazing set of interviews, all done in the mid-eighties by the Automobile in American Life and Society project at the University of Michigan.  Transcripts of sort-of-meandering conversations filled with fascinating bites of the history of American car design straight from the mouths of the people who directed it.  There’s  Bill Mitchell, who succeeded Harley Earl at GM, and Irv Rybicki who followed him.  Gene Bordinat’s, who ran post-war Ford’s design, excuse me: styling department for 19 years is particularly interesting (and long), full of anecdotes about the inner workings of the upper echelon of Ford Motor Company in the ’50s and ’60s. Plenty of others, too, like  Virgil Exner, Jr. talking about both his and his father’s careers and a lot of first-person stories about working for Raymond Loewy, and  Gordon Buehrig, who talks extensively about the processes involved in coachbuilt cars like the Duesenbergs and Auburns he was responsible for, complete with a great little one about how Auburn’s chief engineer tuned their eight-carb V-12 in the dark, by checking the color of the flames coming out of the exhaust.


There’s just a ton of fascinating history in these stories, and even though they’re clunky in their presentation, and quite long, they’re worth every word. If you have any interest in design history, you should check ’em out.


NEWS | Ian Callum, Ed Welburn, Imre Molnar talk design on Autoweek’s Vinsetta Garage

Image credit: Leanne Staples

I love Tuesdays if for no other reason than to watch Velocity after my kid goes to bed. Wayne Carini used to be the highlight, but a new show by Autoweek has given it some competition. [..]

ACCOUTRAMA | Vintage Racing Jackets

The Gulf racing jacket from the film Le Mans is a favorite among car aficionados — so much so that it has become a cliche  (and an expensive one at that).  But a quick look at sites like eBay and Etsy will reveal some surprisingly unique alternatives — alternatives that will give you the look you want without breaking the bank. [..]

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