ON THE STREET | Metro Detroit Cars

On any given day, at any given time, Metro Detroit can surprise a design enthusiast with a rare gem — or perhaps just an unusual juxtaposition.  So, to illustrate this point, here is a gallery that screams “Paris of the Midwest.”  You’re welcome. [..]

INSPIRATION | IMS Hall of Fame Museum

On a recent road trip from Columbus to St. Louis, we made a very quick stop at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum to see what was hot.  Among the attractions were Craig Breedlove’s Spirit of America, several sports cars, and the very unusual 1972 Parnelli.  See the highlights of our brief visit after the jump. [..]

FANTASY GARAGE | Reliant Scimitar

To all of you who don’t view station wagons as fantasy material: We respectfully submit the following for your review. A beautiful 1978 Reliant Scimitar GTE. [..]

AUTODESIGN INTERVIEW | “Chris at The Motoring Journal”

All images credited to Chris at The Motoring Journal

Over the past few months, a very unique vehicle has caught our attention at AD: The “Frankfurt Flyer”  — a dream come true for its creator, Chris Runge (or as he is more informally known, “Chris at The Motoring Journal”).  Recently, Chris took some time to tell us about himself, his homemade car, and the rich history that inspired it. [..]

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