So… Is Teutonic Car Design Obsolete?

Maybe.  Thanks to an over-saturated marketplace where brands have to scream and holler to get their voices heard. Dieter Rams and Dieter from Sprockets might recoil in horror, but that’s the cold reality we’re faced with. Flame surfacing and bedazzled headlamps sell cars.  So, what is a minimalist-minded designer to do? [..]

Classic footage of ’67 formula cars lapping the Nürburgring — complete with an accompanying map. A high-speed, wooded rollercoaster with hedges for barriers!


Image credits: ItalDesign,,

ItalDesign is famous for the folded-paper aesthetic they pioneered in the 1970s (at least in the car design world, they are).  One interesting aspect of this aesthetic is that it was never really brand specific.  It didn’t matter whether the client was BMW, Audi, Maserati, Lotus, DeLorean or VW.  Each of them was viewed through the prism of taut, crisp lines and minimalist detail — even a fledgling brand called Hyundai. [..]

TREND | Design Chiefs talk 2016 and beyond

Automotive News has been chatting alot about design lately. They recently spoke to several design chiefs at many different studios about what they see happening in design from 2016 and beyond. [..]

REARVIEW | Analog car design : Henry Ford Museum online gallery.

In today’s culture, we rely on electronic assistance as much as oxygen. When your iPhone isn’t working properly ( come on, you know you have one or want one ), it seems like you forgot to operate without it. Comedian Louis C.K. did a great bit on Conan about how ridiculously reliant ( and impatient ) we have become with our ‘smart’ devices. In the design world, this reliance is compounded. If the Alias server is down, forget it, you might as well go home. Wacom pen lost? You might as well have lost your whole hand. Does anyone have a pencil around here? [..]

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