20130126-151537.jpg Whatever your personal opinion of the 2014 Corvette Stingray, it certainly was one of the most discussed and debated debuts in Detroit.

Few things generate mindless, giddy glee like watching car accidents edited together (well, maybe Winnebago Man).  And thanks to the YouTubes, the cock-ups of John Q. Motorist are preserved for our comedic enjoyment.  But *nothing* can prepare you for the anarchy that is the Russian car accident compilation.  WARNING — if you click “play” on the above video, you will lose 30 minutes of your life. [..]

CAR CULTURE | Between the White Lines Flickr gallery is a post-Christmas present worth checking out

Jonathan Szczupak, fellow Ford designer and all-around great car guy, runs a photo-blog called Between The White Lines. The BWTL tumblr has originals and re-posts, but Jonathan is also an expert automotive photographer. [..]

DESIGN ICON | Helmet of a Future Past

When it comes to iconic helmet designs, Bell usually takes home the hardware with its classic Bell Star (which has since been reintroduced with modern safety features). Another icon – not nearly as famous – was created by Porsche Design in the ’70s. [..]

For the car designer who likes to unwind with online sim racing, there are many choices. iRacing, Simraceway and the rFactor series, just to name a few.  But a new program is set to debut next year:  Project C.A.R.S. (or Community Assisted Racing Simulator).  As the preview above shows, the realism ante has clearly been upped!

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