Press Days, Industry Days, Designer’s Night and Charity Preview are done, and we begin mopping up looking forward to Tokyo, Chicago, and further down the year.

While the show had significant debuts from several import makes, ( Acura NSX and Lexus LF-LC come to mind ), below, we highlight significant debuts from each one of the big three with respect to design. [..]

NEWS | Ford showcases 2013 Fusion design in video

Ford has just launched a website called discussing both the interior and exterior design of the car. Two videos, one showing Chief Designer exterior Christopher Hamilton, and [..]

TRENDS | Ford’s Robert Gelardi talks Infotainment and Interior Design at 2012 Ward’s Auto Conference

At the 2012 Ward’s Auto Interior Conference on May 17, Ford Design Manager ( and contributor ) Robert Gelardi spoke about how in-car technology derived from infotainment features will help re-shape interior design architecture. Gelardi noted how today’s millenial consumer base is proving to be apathetic towards cars in stark contrast with older generations. The combination of social networking, a fast-turnaround consumer electronic product cycle, and environmental, traffic, and economical/energy factors in today’s culture have all but erased the emotional attachment and attraction to the freedom and independence the automobile once stood for. [..]

J Mays, Chief Creative Officer of Ford and VP of the design studios two of our bloggers work for ( and the other two *have* worked for ) sits down with Jalopnik scribe Jason Torchinsky to chat about car design for nearly a half hour video. In stark contrast to typical press interviews of design VPs, this is a fairly relaxed discussion but one which offers many insights into perhaps one of the most well-known design VPs currently working. J doesn’t really sketch, but its definitely worth a watch. [..]

REARVIEW | Analog car design : Henry Ford Museum online gallery.

In today’s culture, we rely on electronic assistance as much as oxygen. When your iPhone isn’t working properly ( come on, you know you have one or want one ), it seems like you forgot to operate without it. Comedian Louis C.K. did a great bit on Conan about how ridiculously reliant ( and impatient ) we have become with our ‘smart’ devices. In the design world, this reliance is compounded. If the Alias server is down, forget it, you might as well go home. Wacom pen lost? You might as well have lost your whole hand. Does anyone have a pencil around here? [..]