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Many famous names are linked to the rich history of Italian car design:  Giugiaro, Bertone, Gandini, Pininfarina.  These names certainly cast a big shadow, but so does the name of Tom Tjaarda;  a man responsible for an amazing series of Italian designs — and here’s the kicker — he’s from Detroit! [..]

HUMOR  |  Car Brochure or Psychological Horror Film?  You be the judge…

One wonders what the Chrysler marketing department was trying to say with this slightly creepy Imperial brochure.  Well, apart from “buy an Imperial.” [..]

In an age when racing cars are overloaded with regulations and stifling corporate politics, this classic clip from The Racing Scene offers a raw, unruly counterpoint.

REARVIEW  |  The Lost Art of Abstraction

Turns out not all Chrysler Imperial brochures are creepy.  Some are calming;  even soothing.  The illustration techniques shown here have long since vanished from showrooms, but they do offer a unique look and feel that full realism may not. [..]

PREVIEW  |  2012 CCS Degree Show

Once again, it is time for the CCS Degree Show.  Walking through the Senior Trans Design class is always an emphatic experience for me.  Having been through this process myself, I can sense the hard work, the late nights, the frustration and the excitement that lead up to this point.  Even though the room is spotless, it all still hangs in the air.  As far as senior classes go, this one is quite good.  Not only are there a wide variety of styles and ideas, but the final models are of a very high quality.  Check out some of our favorites after the jump. [..]

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