AUTODESIGN is intended to be a creative outlet for, about, and by transportation designers. We’ll post whatever we think is interesting relative to our field, whether it be tips and techniques ( like Jason’s Old School Viscom tutorials ), inspirational photos, philosophical wanderings, or just about anything we ‘ve found that’s automotive or design cool.

Although we’ll post newsworthy items, we don’t expect to out-blog Autoblog or Jalopnik, nor should you expect any information on what we are doing at work or critiques of others’ work. We welcome your thoughts too- send to, but be forewarned- if you compromise the confidentiality of your company’s work by sending us any information, not only will we certainly not publish it, ut we’ll send the info and your email to you particular company’s PR dept. This may sound harsh, but we need to protect the site for its main purpose- to be a car designers’ lounge where we hope you’ll return to find some thoughts and be inspired.