ON THE STREET | Ford Galaxie

Driving into work the other day, I saw a cool 60s Galaxie 500 parked in our lot. I of course checked my watch and said “Hell, I have a few minutes to shoot some pix.”

Galaxies were introduced in the late 1950s and occupied the top spot at Ford’s food chain for the better part of almost two decades. This example, a 65 Galaxie 500 had a relatively tame 390, compared with optional 427. In the years where manufacturers could sell five different sized coupes ( think Falcon, Mustang, Torino, Thunderbird ), this Galaxie was the the largest two door coupe, with just the T Bird notched slightly higher and more luxurious as a flagship.

As I was taking pictures, a brand-new Taurus SHO pulled alongside. It was a great comparison of new versus old and I found plenty of design DNA shared among the two, including the bodyside character lines, C pillar, the tailamp shape and rear end composition ( from the Interceptor which was influenced by 60s Galaxies ) and even the wheel design done by my good friend Dong Park which mirrors the Torq-Thrust composition. There’s alot of old 60s American full-size DNA in the Taurus, which IMO is a good thing. Gallery below.

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