ON THE STREET | Metro Detroit Cars

On any given day, at any given time, Metro Detroit can surprise a design enthusiast with a rare gem — or perhaps just an unusual juxtaposition.  So, to illustrate this point, here is a gallery that screams “Paris of the Midwest.”  You’re welcome.

Cadillac  |  Birdtown

Former school bus  |  Midtown Detroit

International Scout II  |  Midtown Detroit

Mercedes-Benz 280SE  |  Midtown Detroit

Lincoln Continental  |  Midtown Detroit

Volkswagen Rabbit  |  Midtown Detroit

Jeep Grand Cherokee and Ford Escape  |  Woodbridge

Chrysler Imperial Crown  |  Midtown Detroit

Movie cars  |  Masonic Temple

Dodge Ram  |  Dearborn

Ford pick up  |  Downriver

Dodge Magnum  |  Downriver

Mercury  |  Hamtramck

Packard  |  Hamtramck

Mercedes-Benz  |  Hamtramck

Rat rod  |  Hamtramck

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