INSPIRATION | Mid-Ohio Continental Series Race

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine and I traveled down to Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course to check out the Continental Series race. If you’re a car designer, you love racing ( or you should. ) Its the ultimate speed and movement which injected the emotion into our vocation and frankly the genesis of the reason it still exists. And if you love racing, you love good circuits. Mid-Ohio is one of them.

Tucked away in the farms of Lexington, Ohio, on a road otherwise mistaken for being in Hazzard County, Mid- Ohio is a serious track. With many elevation changes, corkscrews and other challenging changes in direction, it presents a great amount of fun and test of a driver’s talent.

For the spectators, it’s equally appealing with Spa- like berms and large flat areas where you can see a great deal of the action without being stuck in one grandstand seat. My friend and I walked the entire track on both sides and felt right up close to the action. This is in stark contrast to the flatness of Belle Isle. Each has it advantages and I recommend both, just like Monza and Spa.

The fanwalk on the grid was equally appealing, and reminded me I should be doing this more. Seeing the gleaming bodywork and bodyart, these machines ready to go and flat out torture themselves mechanically and visually reminds us that while our work strives to capture these emotions, the sheetmetal is but all irrelevant to the cause ( except perhaps the visual recognition of the sponsors and manufacturer ). To the raceteam, pace is priority and other the aero, sheetmetal is weight and a welcome removal unless mechanics are damaged or cooling and handling is compromised.

I was there to watch the BOSS 302 R’s courtesy of my friends in Ford Racing. That we won made a spectacular day even better. The Rolex DP and GT cars ran after. It was a great day. Enjoy some snippets from my gallery below:

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