DESIGN STRATEGY |  Audi’s design future

Stefan Sielaff, Audi’s head of design, talks about Audi’s design future, electric vehicles, architecture, and the impact of urbanism on automotive design. Audi’s ongoing exploration of electric cars led to the Urban Concept, which was one of my favorites from last year’s Frankfurt Auto Show (probably because I have a thing for open-wheeled cars…). Certainly more exciting than Gordon Murray’s T25, though probably a lot less revolutionary in its production processes.

The relationship between urban planning and infrastructure and car design has always been fascinating to me. With the world’s populations shifting ever more urban, the ways that we interact with our cars and the ways our cars interact with the world around them have changed a little, but they’ll have to change a lot. And the sooner, the better.



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  1. Robert Gelardi says:

    A great post and very interesting read. Thx Ryan and of course wallpaper* for the original interview.

  2. Shirley says:

    As a former Audi driver, I’m not surprised they are considering all aspects if future mobility in their design development now.

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