REARVIEW | Ferrari BB512 Design Analysis w/ *BONUS* Ferrari Canson sketches!!!!

As you can tell from my recent posts, I love vintage car sketches. I also love Ferraris. Its not often I find two in the same place, but thanks to a fellow designer’s blog I got a two-for-one special.

Bradley Price is a New York based industrial designer who hosts a blog called I stumbled upon it through one of my many late night scours of the web. Like many of the websites run by a fellow car enthusiasts, there’s a plethora of eye candy to drool over, particularly many cool vintage racing images. But Bradley is even more like us, as a designer, he sees beyond just the eye candy and clearly has an eye for the design ethos underlying the beautifully photographed sheetmetal.

Such is the case with his design analysis of the Ferrari BB512, otherwise known as the Berlinetta Boxer. This is one of my favorite “modern” Ferraris, with the great proportion that begot the 308/328 series but without the cheesy Thomas Magnum aura. There’s something slightly more exotic, more pure about the 512. Fellow artist and former colleague Camilo Pardo had one in his studio for quite awhile, and I always admired it. To me it has a purity of the early-to-mid 70s exotic creased sheetmetals section and even more so wedged profile that was all the rage in cars like the Mangusta, Jarama and Jalpa, Countach, Esprit, etc. But if you look at the front fender profile and its connection to the sensual DLO and the slight negative of the rear glass profile, the silhouette also has enough of the late 60s sensuality present in Bizzarinis, Daytonas ( Ferraris, not the Dodge, though strangely theres a coordination thats a topic for another post. ) and another mistress of mine, the sexy Miura. Its a beautiful combination right at the sweet spot, indeed.

For Price, he saw even further, a definitive coordination between the 512 and Pininfarina’s 1968 P6 Berlinetta and 1970 Modulo concepts upon reading the book Pininfarina:Prestige and Tradition, Edita, 1980, which has a number awesome vintage sketches…vintage Ferrari sketches!!!!. Price sees a strong link and articulates it very well.

So head over to for a great design analysis by one of our own and then drool over many of the other great content. I’m going to add it to my RSS feed, and put the Pininfarina book on my birthday wishlist!

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